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We help you with your IoT solution

We focus on the development of hardware and software - from the printed circuit to sensor data visualization.

Custom software development

From data collection to data analysis and visualization.

Data collection

MCU software development  for data collection. We use many of sensors and MCUs. We select the best ones for a specific solution.

Data storage

Server-side software development. These applications can store, analyze and send data to cloud systems.

Data visualization

Client-side software development.
We use modern technology that allows for very fast customization and availability of client-side applications on the most pupular platforms and devices.

Design and manufacture of printed circuit boards

We have several years of experience with the development of PCBs, including PCBs with sensors to single-board computer extensions.

Single boards

Single-boards are mostly based on the ARM platform. They are characterized by low consumption, price, small dimensions and also good performance. With the use of the GPIO connector it is possible to connect our extension modules with the required functionality.

What we do

Our Mission
is to deliver first class experience to you. Our standard GPIO modules are equipped with a RTC and Watchdog circuit. They can be customize using RS232, RS485, relay, GSM modem, 1-Wire, and more.

Banana Pi

We build complex solutions on Banana Pi from Sinovoip Co., Ltd. It offers very good performance and quality at a low price. Selected types offer up to 7 UART ports, IO, PWM, I2C, SPI, WiFi, BT, built-in flash memory, 1Gb ethernet, battery management, and more.



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